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followme2AFRICA is a Destination Management Company with over 26 years of experience of welcoming travellers to Southern Africa. In 2018 we were acquired by Cullinan Holdings, one of South Africa’s premier tourism & leisure groups, a listed company and member of the globally respected Travel Corporation.

We are proud to work closely with a number of highly respected travel companies and tour operators who appreciate the high standards of service we provide on the ground, and all that we do to ensure their clients will have a memorable and enjoyable holiday whilst in our care.

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Followme2 ltd is fully covered for both public liability and professional indemnity. Please contact us for any additional information. followme2 Ltd is a member of SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association) which provides financial protection in the event of insolvency of any of its members. For more information please visit the SATSA website: http://www.satsa.com. Should you have any further queries relating to the financial protection offered, please contact your dedicated consultant or contact us at info@followme2travel.com


Followme2AFRICA make providing you with financial peace of mind a priority, therefore we have made sure we hold all of the international accreditation’s necessary to ensure your investment is safe with us. For further information and specific membership numbers, please see the details below:

  • ATTA – (followme2 Ltd)
  • SATSA – membership number 218 (Cullinan Holdings)



The commitment to be environmentally and sustainably-minded was in the DNA of our company from the beginning. This commitment is of growing importance to all of us, especially those in the tourism industry - where we consider we have an important role to play in ensuring positive and sustainable development in all the regions we serve. It continues to be a core element of followme2AFRICA to promote and develop tourism products and services that are environmentally, socially and culturally sustainable. Our website details the environmental and socially responsible credentials of all the product that we work with.

TreadRight Foundation
Being part of The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, one of the initiatives that followme2africa supports is TreadRight, a not-for-profit foundation. The TreadRight Foundation was created by TTC over a decade ago to challenge themselves to do better around sustainable tourism. They started on a journey to ensure that the places we live in and visit, the wildlife we love, and the planet we call home remain vibrant for generations to come. TreadRight believes in preserving the natural attractions and unique heritages that are distinct for each region by providing grants to organizations that promote sustainability in varied destinations. So far, the TreadRight Foundation has supported over 50 sustainable tourism projects around the world. For more information please visit: https://www.treadright.org/projects/ or watch our videos


We have invested significantly into IT development since Day 1. We’ve built our own b2b website www.followme2africa.com which provides our clients with product information, availability and reservations, and crucially, a unique flexible pricing capability allowing users to set commission rates and selling prices.  XML links have been established with principal clients and suppliers giving direct access to the company’s vast amount of inventory via their own systems.

Our IT systems and support are second to none. We have long been used to dealing with large clients who have the highest of expectations when it comes to making the booking process seamless - expectations that we pride ourselves on always being able to match and challenging ourselves to exceed.


Our values are central to the way that we do business - in relation to our clients, as well as the wider communities that we are all a part of. We have been a long standing supporter of Abaphumeleli Safe House in the Township of Khayelitsha, Cape Town and are continually humbled by the amazing work this organisation provides.

This safe house/orphanage for children ages 0-18 years started in the home of a lady called Evelyn Makasi in 2004 and they now rent a building next door to accommodate the overwhelming number of children who require their love, help and protection.

In Khayelitsha many parents are unemployed, are struggling to provide for their children and don’t have the funds to put them in pre-school, so the children would otherwise be subject to abuse or neglect. Although some children are orphaned, most are there because they’ve been abandoned or their parents are simply unable to look after them.

Unfortunately it’s an ongoing situation, but we try to assist however we can, and whilst there are many townships throughout South Africa with the same problems, we are proud to be making a small difference to the children being lovingly cared for by the ladies of Abaphumeleli.

Our support includes an annual Christmas party outside of the township for all the children, monthly donations of food and toiletries, bedding, five computers, and ad-hoc help with any repairs. We are currently trying to raise funds for them to extend their building so that the children will have more sleeping space, and we plan on taking them to the movies, as it’s doubtful any of the children here have ever been.

Despite the sad nature of this charity, the children are delightful and it makes us all very proud to be involved with such a rewarding and worthwhile cause. If any of our clients, partners or friends would like to visit when they’re in South Africa, we will happily show them around.

For more information, see their website at Abaphumeleli House 



We believe that by far one of the most valuable ways we can assist our clients is by offering expert training - allowing them to stay ‘Ahead of the Game’ when they are serving theirs. To this end we have invested significantly in this area for quite some time.

One of the key training events is the annual Travel Academy in South Africa - one of the most highly regarded events of its kind in the industry. In partnership with an international carrier we arrange for up to 70 agents to fly to South Africa to spend an intensive week of daily training sessions at the Academy, which is followed by up to five nights of site inspections across the country.

A wide selection of key suppliers are given this unique opportunity to present their products to frontline sales staff on home ground - allowing the agents to gain knowledge and an understanding of the region which would be unequalled if they did not visit the region. The training is intense and all agents are provided with a workbook to aid their learning and for future reference. We do our best to ensure that the trip is fun and memorable as well as an invaluable learning experience. To make sure both objectives happen four hour sleeps are not uncommon!

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followme2AFRICA is a Destination Management Company, offering tour operators and travel companies online / live-availability to the largest selection of properties and land products in southern Africa. Our system is linked directly into the companies listed on the Affiliates Page, as well as to most of our Partners’ systems, which gives followme2AFRICA the edge over its competitors.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or agent for followme2AFRICA, please complete the form below.

For booking enquiries, followme2AFRICA office hours in Cape Town are : Monday - Friday 06:30 - 15:00 (GMT Time)

Email : info@followme2africa.com


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